The Nigerian Army is ill-fated to serve at a time when the Country suffers the highest level of political irresponsibility. Yet, the call to duty is hearken with sky-high morale coming from sheer patriotism and valiance to save our Lives – OUR VERY SOULS!


The Country they however set out to save has been shut down with the Iron gate and braces of unpatriotic disloyalty, insincerity and political hooliganism, all of which are fruits of a greater evil which has set its throne in the obvious acts of the Political class displayed with impunity in the geographical location now know by many as representing the territories of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This evil is simply known by its name, ‘Corruption’. Corruption is a fundamental vice in our society and most of our Leaders or rulers (more properly so called) have consistently exchanged it for their first name and some even with their last name. The Pangs of this evil we suffer today in every sector or area of the society is killing our daily resolve subjecting us to excruciating tumors and untold hardship.


The level of decadence in the Federal and State Executive, the manifest violence and wrestling (heavy punch landing) that periodically engulfs most of our Legislative hallowed Halls by Honourable miscreants in combat for a share of the proverbial soup of porridge as they barter the birth-rights of members of their constituencies, the scrabble for Public funds by public servants and public nuisances (Militia groups), fear and death littering our hitherto quiet cities and villages while cannibalistic sects feed us with buns of bombs. The elephants fight recklessly and relentlessly uprooting the grass-roots from their position and trampling on them with intention. Anarchy has almost returned ravaging what is left of our collective heritage, our commonwealth, save for these resolute few who still stand and fight the un-reverting tide. Our Army still fights and dies in the midst of so many unfaithfulness and pain. A burning flame of hope they are; omnipresent they aren’t.




The times are hard, the circumstances difficult, the situation an emergency and they readily answer the call to duty. The call to stand by every tax-payer and tax-evader alike and defend their lives against the flood of blood that erode our abode, the call to restore the father to his daughters and the mothers to abide by their sons. The call to stand in the gap, in the line of fire, and take the bullet for a fellow unknown brother but nonetheless loved. They literarily catch the grenade for us.  



A noble cause, to lay their lives down for ours, even when it seems like the situation is brink, they fight still. Even when it appears like a losing battle, yet, they stand and fight to save our backs from the fatal exposure that seeks to take our heads off our neck and scatter our bones like carcass in Golgotha. No amount of money is sufficient to compensate them or to pacify their beloved when some pay with their lives, the extinction of their very existence, never to fight no more, never to be heard of anymore, never to wield the rifle and defend the Watch Wall, never to stand no more. They are ready to pay the ultimate price - A WILLING SACRIFICE!


But the narcissistic epicurean political class as unscrupulous as they are, selfish and greedy, they reek with the stinks of affluence gathered from the stolen commonwealth of the people and the loans borrowed on the people’s behalf. The Arms Deal Fund, Billions of Dollars ($2 Billion) meant for equipping the Armed Forces diverted and consumed by the bottomless pit of hungry and insatiable beast under the cloak of humanity. The Fund prepared to acquire weapons to fight insurgencies effectively and reduce the fatality in our camps was never taken to the battlefield, so we continued to lose good men, very good men and women alike. Young men whose family utterly rely on them, the families that make up the good people of Nigeria. So, if the Leaders have done these things and brought about the fatal end men and women of the Armed Forces, taking off more Blankets of solace off Nigeria’s skeletal form, thrusting its bones to cold for the piece the blood gold. Who then is the real enemy?IF THE GUARD IS THE THIEF, WHO WILL THEN GUARD THE GUARD???




All these notwithstanding, the MORALE remains HIGH!

We are yet to decorate our military in befitting laurels and sing the songs of those that died in admirable adulation. How valiantly they fell in the field of battle. How gallantly the marched to their death; Fearless!!!


Let’s desist from idle talks and stand by our military all the way. Let’s not sing the song of the mighty fear our predators force upon us. Nay! Rather, let’s adore the rare courage and determination with which our champions stand and combat the reign of terror, standing to fight and to die for our lives. Let’s not be ungrateful, let’s be brave and thankful. Let’s celebrate their gallantry, knowing that like all the others, we shall prevail against terror and tranquil peace shall be restored.


God bless the Nigerian Armed Forces! God Bless the Defence Headquarters!! God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


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July 13, 2019

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