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Here you will find our contributions to scholarship by way of Articles, Research Papers, Opinions, Press Statements and a host of others forms of legal writings on contemporary issues.


The Golden thread that passes through the fabric of the Criminal Justice System states succinctly that it is better for Ten (10) Guilty persons to go free than for One (1) Innocent person to be convicted for an offence he knows nothing about. It defeats the obj...


It is becoming a startling reality in Nigeria that statistically, over 10, 000 women and girls are being raped on a daily basis. This is according to a research carried out by the Women At Risk Foundation (WARIF) in the course of implementing its projects in th...

Preserving an unchecked immunity clause in our constitutional democracy is like building a wooden house in the midst of the wild jungle and expecting to keep snakes out - Olufemi Franklin Olufemi, M.P.



This is definitely one of the most controversial...


Over the centuries, we have had incidence of War and violence litter the pages of history. They in fact mark the timelines of our history. Man’s hostility to man began long before the sophistication of nuclear weapons and atomic explosive devices. The quest...